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What's New

All changes and new features in OneVasc

Add Polygon of Willis exam with Willis anatomy alone and Willis + TSA

Add quick exam for Polygon of Willis (VSM or TAMX)

TAMX parameter added to Willis Polygon data tool

C2r, C4c and C6r items added to CEAP

Added automatic display of vessel names in legend (can be disabled in user settings and tools)

Modification of tools with parameters saved if the same tool is used several times.

Maximum number of characters in notes changed to 1500 (from 400).

Corrected a bug when selecting left laterality in the venous and arterial examination of the lower limbs.

Multiple minor bugs corrected.

Removal of possible modification of user identity.

Added Sclerosis tool

Addition of a note writing module

Addition of CEAP classification in vein mapping

Addition of a “Qualitative” stenosis reduction scale (without percentage degree)

Automatic addition of separators in date of birth

Added a date field for the Bypass, Stent and Sclerosis tools

Addition of patient identity to the exam selection page

Added supervisor selection for accounts with the Student role

Added a button in the tools to hide the title

Adding vessels names when hovering in modeling

Added the keyword “Wound” in the extravascular tool

Addition of the status field in the user account which is displayed in the schema

Addition of a user administration panel for establishments

Addition of a gateway with healthcare establishments to retrieve patient identity (option)

Added sending of the image or PDF file to a server (option)

Modification of the layout (PDF and image) to be flexible

Modification of the student account which is now supervised

Modification of the design of the preview window

Modification of the phone number field to accept more number formats

Fixed color bugs when superimposing ships

Fixed a bug in profession selection

Fixed multiple minimal bugs

Removal of terminal 0 in the “Intervals” reduction scale of the stenosis tool

Removing the dotted frame around the diagram window

Added news page (changelog)

Added i18n architecture (internationalization)

Added EN (English) translation

Added ES (Spanish) translation

Added DE (German) translation

Adding a version number

Added a help section

Added deletion of a point on a new ship

Addition of a denomination of a ship created possible

Modifications to the aneurysm tool with possible choice between aneurysm and dilation.

Changed the Aneurysm Tool with Aneurysm Callout from "Medium" size.

Modification of the behavior in personalized anatomy with automatic return on edition as for modeling.

Modification of the vertically centered anatomy configuration block.

Modification of the pdf generation which is 10 times faster.

Modification of the display of the menus of the tools on the right which is in front.

Modification of the export which is homogenized between the image and the pdf.

Modification with improved performance especially for exams with a lot of data.

Fixed password change in account.

Fixed laterality in ship names.

Correction of the flow direction with an arrow now in the anterograde or retrograde direction.

Fixed name change to 4 times per month.

Fixed display of Thrombosis tool and comment in item list.

Removed the display of a separator between 2 ships for the user.

Removal of unnecessary mentions.

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