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A good
vascular mapping
is better
than a long report

Supra aortic trunks drawing
Lower extremity vein mapping with varicose vein and refluxing perforator

Venous mapping of the lower limbs

You can create beautiful diagrams of varicose veins with our specific tools that allow you to perform detailed mapping, in a simple and intuitive way.



Tired of making your vascular mappings by hand and scanning them? OneVasc models your detailed mappings with just a few clicks.

How it works?

Select your exam and its anatomy

Choose from a wide range of arterial, venous, or dialysis access exams with countless customizable variations.

Select your vascular exam for your mapping
Stenosis 50% iliac common artery

Put vascular lesions

Easily add stenoses, aneurysms, stents, bypasses, etc. quickly using our innovative vascular engine.

And there you have it! You have your vascular mapping.

You can copy and paste it, print it, or download it as an image or pdf.

Lower limbs arteries

List of features

Super fast

Intuitive creation of vascular diagrams with just a few clicks

Online software

Accessible from anywhere with an internet browser

Multiple arterial and venous exams

Varicose veins, arterial and deep venous lower limbs, renal, digestive, upper limbs, supra-aortic trunks, AVF and pre-AVF mapping

Anatomical variation

Unlimited possibilities of anatomical variations with dynamic vessel editing

Lesions & interventions

Put stenoses, aneurysms, false aneurysms, stents or bypasses in 1 click.

Dynamic vascular engine

Infinite vascular mappings possibilities

Detailed legends

Automatically fill in morphological or hemodynamic parameters quickly into a legend

Save the vascular mapping

Download the vascular diagrams in image, PDF, or backup file formats for future use

Use the diagrams in your software

Ability to copy and paste the diagrams directly into your usual software for creating text reports.

Health Data Hosting

HDS - Health Data Hosting Certification


Online and included in the subscription.


Automatic software updates included in the subscription

Available in multiple languages

OneVasc is available in English, Spanish, French and German.
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